After care

You just left your first session and you feel amazing... now what?

You were in such a grateful state of relaxation when your session was over that you cannot remember any of the therapists suggestions.

Well have no fear because we made it easy for you to reference back to some tips and tricks that may have been discussed.

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Massage Therapy After Care

What to do after receieving licensed massage therapy...

  • DRINK WATER: Drink plenty of hydrating fluids to help flush out toxins released from the muscle tissue to discourage re-absorption. Water, coconut water, aloe water juice, smoothies, honey water, cucumber water, are just a few examples of hydrating drinks. Staying hydrated will reduce soreness and muscle tension while increasing muscle wellness.
  • RELAX: Your body might be feeling great and possibly pain free but TAKE IT EASY!!! Don't over do it with a heavy workout or strenuous activities. Your entire body system has been activated and benefited from the therapeutic work you received. Don't interrupt that healing process with more strain. Depending on your treatment received and your need to be active, try a light walk/jog, swim, light stretching.
  • FEELING SORE: Many times you may feel sore or increased stiffness the following day or two after receiving bodywork. This could be due to the deep therapeutic work or a certain reason for the treatment. Alternating ice/heat may ease discomfort. Definitely use only ice on areas of swelling. Drink plenty of water. Using a topical product aimed for muscle support like a few of the roller products found in our shop. Sometimes a light warm up workout to get the circulation going in your body with a light stretch may break up the stiffness and ease soreness
  • MAINTAIN: Receiving regular body work and wellness treatments increases your quality of life and helps you reach your wellness goals. Creating a wellness plan with gratitude will help you stay on track. There are a few tricks for keeping stress levels low and tension at bay between treatments. For example using massage tools like a tennis ball to roll your feet over or place in a stocking to throw over your shoulder and lean against the wall to get at those pesky knots in the back. Also browse our shop for stress away rollers and sprays.

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